A legacy of excellence in SURGICAL INSTRUMENTS

since 1973


Established in 1973, Chaudhry Surgical is proudly the most sought after name in the field of Surgical Instruments. Since its birth, the chief aim of our company has been to utilize all its energies, manpower & technology towards developing superior quality instruments, with special emphasis on them being technically precise as well as user friendly. In order to serve the interest & meet the requirement of our customers, we endeavor to the best of our abilities to improve our existing line & also introduce new products.

We specialize in manufacturing top-grade complete range of Cardio-Vascular Instruments in house. Our other disciplines include Microsurgery Instruments, General Surgery Instruments, Tungsten-Carbide Instruments, Gynecology Instruments along with Kerrison Rongeurs & Biopsy Punches.

We are consistently growing. This has been achieved due to the presence of a unanimous family management & skilled and motivated group of people who, through their utmost dedication, have helped produce premium quality products over the years.


We are consistantly growing and expanding since 1973. Over these years we have managed to provide superior quality products and services to our customers.

State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility

We specialize in manufacturing top-grade complete range of Cardio-Vascular, Microsurgery and General Surgery instruments in house.

Our Quality Standards

ISO 13485 : 2016
ISO 9001 : 2015
CE Mark


Innovation in products and processes is a driving force, and is a constant spirit that drives Chaudhry Surgical's future.



For years, Chaudhry Surgical has specialized in and able to offer a complete selection of instruments used for Cardiac, Vascular and Thoracic Surgery.
The big range of clamps, forceps with burr free Atraumatic jaws & of instruments specifically construed for this area offer the operator exactly the kinds of instruments which are needed for routine & special interventions.

Our De-bakey Atraumatic and Cooley serration are milled with perfection.
Our exquisite Retractor systems are a result of in-house CNC setup and fine technicians.


Since 2016, Chaudhry Surgical has been manufacturing the highest quality microsurgery instrumentation. Our microsurgical line is a unique collection of instruments for small to medium procedures. Each instrument is designed with the highest grade stainless steel or titanium alloys, and are handcrafted with ultra precision.


Chaudhry Surgical covers the complete range available in this field of instruments and our Tungsten Carbide Instruments come with the finest available inserts. The fine quality TC instruments include a comprehensive range of:

  • Dressing and Tissue Forceps TC
  • Needle Holders
  • Pin and Wire Cutters
  • TC/De-bakey Tweezers
  • TC Scissors
  • TC/Supercut Scissors


Surgical instrumentation can vary widely by the field of surgery that they will be used in.
At Chaudhry Surgical, we provide a range of general instruments for surgery. These include:

  • Cutting and Dissecting Instruments
  • Grasping and Holding Instruments
  • Hemostatic Instruments
  • Retractors
  • Tissue Unifying Instruments


We provide a range of gynaecology instruments for gynaecologists and obstetricians providing treatment of the female’s reproductive system. Our gynaecology instruments are designed for the management of the female’s reproductive system, pregnancy and childbirth.


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